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Garbage Disposal
» Never put potato peelings or bones in the garbage disposal
» Be careful with bottle caps, silverware, broken glass, rubber bands, etc that may cause the disposal to stop working properly.
» You will be assessed a fee for negligence like bottle caps.
» ALWAYS run the water when using the disposal
Most maintenance calls for disposals repairs are the result of silverware, bottle caps, broken glass or coins falling down into the drain. Make sure to guard against objects fallen into the drain.
Should your disposal stop working:
» turn off the power switch and remove any objects that have fallen inside.
» Check the base of the disposal under the sink for a re-set button (usually red)
» use a wooden spoon to unstick the blades by manually turning the blades. (It is very important that the power switch is in the off position)

» Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the commode. That includes paper towels, napkins or other feminine hygiene products.
» Do not use cleaners/deodorizers that are inserted into the tank because it will rot the rubber flapper.
» To prevent stopped drains remove hair from tub and sink drains.
If you should have a plumbing stoppage or leak:
» Use a plunger to try and unclog the stoppage yourself
» Check to see if the chain is loose or has fallen off the inside of the toilet tank and replace it.
» Remove any foreign objects & keep water mopped up until the maintenance arrives

» only use soap specifically sold for use in the dishwasher.
» Never stop your dishwasher in mid-cycle
» Always rinse your dishes thoroughly. Excess food scraps can cause plumbing stoppages. This is also negligence.
If your dishwasher is not working properly:
» Check for a switch near the sink that may have turned off
» if you’ve stopped the dishwasher mid-cycle, drain water before re-starting
» make sure theres no food in the bottom of the dishwasher that could cause stoppages

» It is mandatory that you change your filter on a monthly basis, failure to do so can be quite costly; it also lowers your monthly utility bill.
» A properly functioning air conditioner will cool to about 15-20 degrees cooler than the intake temperature
» Leave your a/c on during the day, just turn it up to 80 while you’re out…. turning the unit off completely will have you coming home to a smoldering apartment and may take all evening before it cools off.
» always check the breaker box first breakers will trip due to too many appliances running at the same time. Flip all the breakers back and forth one time, including the big one in the middle.
» check for ice on the unit- if there is ice outside or inside, turn off the unit and called maintenance.
» check the temperature versus the temperature blowing from the vent 15-20 difference is good.
You are responsible for any damages caused by negligence or other misconduct.
Freeze Precautions:(Winter Months Only) Thermostats should be left at 60 degrees or higher any time the resident leaves for more than a few hours. If there is a freeze warning or if you are leaving town, please drip your faucets to keep water moving through the pipes and leave cabinets open to the heat.
We will try to get to your work order as soon as possible. Emergencies will be handled first.
Please call us at (512) 499-8013 about any maintenance issues.
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